Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Loving Pets Bella Bowl Review

I have a beautiful black cat named Sheba. She is VERY independent. She likes to eat when SHE wants to, eat as much as SHE wants to, drink when SHE wants to. We have one of those bowls that you can put LOTS of food in and we make sure it stays full. And we have a bowl that we put fresh water in every morning.

I have the biggest problem keeping the water bowl clean! After a while, bacteria builds up and it is so gross!

Loving Pets has these wonderful bowls, Bella Bowls, for your dog or cat that are Veterinarian- recommended stainless steel interior that resists bacteria. The bowls have a removable rubber base that helps prevent spills and noise. Its dishwasher safe, which is a huge thing for me! The Bella Bowl is really light weight as well!

They also come in some really cool colors! I picked the Merlot colored one. But there are colors ranging from Paparazzi Pink to Copper Metallic to Espresso. They also come in several sizes. I have the small one. It works purrrr-fect for my little kitty kat.

They also have other bowls and accesseries. They also have great treats for your K9 family members!

Right now, Loving Pets only has products focused towards dogs, but a new cat line will be available in 2011.

Thank you to Loving Pets for the great Bella Bowl and great new products for my Loving Cat!

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