Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Change in Topic

I started my lovely blog a little over a year ago. I started because my best friend, Lilith over at Crunchy Green Lovin' Mom, told me to! (She even set my blog up for me...shhhh... don't tell!)

I started doing the Bloggy Giveaways and then that stopped.

I did a couple reviews. I love doing reviews. I just did not do many.

I really thought about what I wanted my blog to be about. I have come up with idea after idea for over a year now and I finally decided!

I bought the book Garden Witchery: Magick from the Ground Up by Ellen Dugan. I bought this book 5 or 6 years ago. At the time I lived in a apartment in Downtown Denver, Colorado with no yard or balcony. Why would I pick up a book on gardening? Because something told me to. Something deep down inside told me that I would need it one day.

I did not start reading this book until 4 months ago. I was hooked! I am a slow reader so it took me some time to read it and I also took notes as I went along.

My husband, Dan, and I have been trying to re do our little yard for YEARS! We can never finish it! Something always comes up! One thing that definitely comes up is WEEDS! That is the ONLY thing that grows in the back yard. Dan tried to grow grass back there for years when he first moved into the house. It never worked. He tried almost everything. No grass. Only weeds. This past summer, we decided to either put down stamped concrete or flag stone in the entire back yard (it is only 16'x30' ish) and have container gardens. About a week after we decide this, grass started to grow in our backyard. Someone must have been seeding their yard and some flew into ours! It is in patches and it did not last, but I thought it was funny! It was like Mother Nature saying "I'll show you grass!" Dan was PISSED!

I have always loved gardening. My grandfather and I use to do it all the time when I was young. His back yard was always lush and green and beautiful! To be honest, that was really the last time I really gardened except for on Mothers Day when we plant my grandmothers flowers for her to kill... SERIOUSLY! She says she waters them, but they do not look that way! Back to the subject....

I consider myself a VERY new gardener. I have a yard that needs much work on it. Gretel's Modern Day Fairy Tale will now be a gardening journal of sorts. From now on, I will be sharing what I learn as I learn it, what things I did wrong in my garden, Before/During/After pictures of my backyard and any gardening I try to do.

And if anyone has any words of wisdom on gardening do's and don'ts or even on blogging (still very new at) PLEASE SHARE!!! I need all the help I can get!

I have to thank Lilith for getting me into the blogging:) My Grandfather, Fred, for introducing me to Mother Nature, and Ellen Dugan for writing such a wonderful book! I truly felt like I was sitting down talking with a friend as I read it!

So here we go! I hope you enjoy the ride!