Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Monkey Bizness Coupon

My little guys LOVE Little Monkey Bizness!  My 3 year old can run around and play on slides, bouncy castles, etc.  My 11 month old has a way cool area for "Crawlers" with toys she can crawl all over and go in and out of.  PLUS... There is a cafe for us parents!  I got to hang out and chat with my friend while we watched our kids run around and have the time of their lives!
This coupon is totally awesome!  

"Little Monkey Bizness, A Place For Parents, A Place For Kids

*Little Monkey Bizness™* (by the creators of Monkey Bizness™) is a new concept for parents and “*little*” kids. Moms and Dads can indulge themselves in our full-service gourmet coffee bar complete with a variety of fresh, healthy food choices and then sit back and relax in our comfortable cafĂ© style seating area overlooking a 3,000-sq-ft play area. So, bring the “*Little*” ones in for a “*Little*” Monkey Bizness, have a “*Little*” gourmet coffee and enjoy a “*Little*” conversation…That’s* Little Monkey Bizness*"

Little Monkey Bizness Save $1.50 on all open play times and 10% Off Parties! Print and Save.

My Lil' Monkey playing in the "Crawlers" area

Yes!  I am a MEMBER!  Check it out!

New Beginnings....

I have said it before, but I am SERIOUS this time!  New Beginning!

My little family of 4 and 1 furry one, just moved a month ago back to our old neighborhood.  We were VERY unhappy with where we ended up.  So now we are in an area that we plan on staying in for a long time.  My Bubba starts preschool in the fall and we did not want him jumping around from school to school.

This is one of the neighborhood bunnies visiting in our front yard!

Also, this new place has a yard!  Bubba can go and run around and play in the dirt.  I also get to have a garden!

My Bubba with his bucket of worms he collected while working on the back yard!

More blogging as well.  We are finally unpacked and pretty much settled in.  So more time for ME! Lucky you!

All pictures are mine and taken by me with my own camera.  Any use of them with out my permission is prohibited!