Friday, July 31, 2009

YoBaby Yogurt Winner

A couple of weeks ago, Lilith over at Crunchy Green Lovin' Mom had a HUGE Birthday Bash Giveaway. I was one of the lucky winners of one of the many giveaways. I won a YoBaby bowl with lid, an organic YoBaby bib, and a bundle of five YoBaby coupons. I love it!
I have a One Year old, Grady that eats YoBaby Yogurt all the time! He loves the peach and vanilla yogurts! Thank you Crunchy Green Lovin' Mom and YoBaby!

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

Like to cook? Like to BBQ?

Check out Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce!

Country Bob started making his All Purpose Sauce in 1968. He would give it away to family and friends. In 1977 Country Bob decided to start selling his yummy sauce.

I have to say this sauce is AWESOME! My Husband, being the cook in the family, cooked up some chicken breast in a pan with Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce. That was all the chicken needed! Nothing added to it! The sauce has a kick to it. A tang! Think BBQ or country home cookin' and you have Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce! Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce is better then ketchup when eating french fries!

The All Purpose Sauce is not the only sauce Country Bob sells! They also have BBQ Sauce, Seasoning Salt and Spicy All Purpose Sauce. They also have great recipes that you may try out as well. Everything from Shrimp Cocktail Sauce to Grilled Pork Tenderloin to Honolulu Bob Burgers.

Hungry yet? Check out their website!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Last Day for Birthday Bash Giveaway!

Hurry! Hurry!
It is the last day for the Birthday Bash Giveaway over at Crunchy Green Lovin' Mom!
Today is a double giveaway full of things to clean!
ALL Might Laundry Detergent and “Kiss My Face” natural body cleansing products!
I know I got a messy family, how about you?
Below is my messy one year old!
Pick me! Pick me!


Grady with his Birthday Cake in Florida


Grady eating a cupcake on his actual birthday


Grady eating a cupcake at his BIG PARTY!

Crunchy Green Mom

Monday, July 13, 2009

More Birthday Bash Giveaways!

What is better then FREE stuff? Not much:)
My "Soul Sister" over at Crunchy Green Lovin' Mom is still doing the Birthday Bash giveaway! There are 2 more giveaways up today! Here are what they are!

Tiny Star Couture is offering a set of clips (or two separate clips)
Skin Free was kind enough to offer a $30 gift certificate

Giveaway ends on Friday, July 19, 2009 at midnight (US only)

Crunchy Green Mom

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grady's 1st Birthday

Today is Grady's First Birthday!
Has it really been a year?!
Grady is the missing piece to my life that I did not know I was missing!
Thank you, Dan!

Last week, we traveled down to Ocala, Florida to see my in-laws. While we were down there, we celebrated Grady's first birthday, Tyler's 16th birthday, and TJ's High School Graduation (TJ and Tyler are my nephews!).

Today, Grady has decided to go in his "Birthday Suit" until we go to Great Grandma Ginny's for a BBQ in Grady's honor!

Sunday is the BIG party! Friends and Family all together to eat cupcakes, play with squirt guns, blow bubbles and have as much fun as we can on the playground!


(TJ, Grady, and Tyler all waiting to dig into their cake!)


(Grady diggin into his cake!)

2nd Day of the Birthday Bash

Hello Everyone!

Today is Day 2 of the Birthday Bash over at Crunchy Green Lovin' Mom! Today she is giving a way a Nalgene bottle! Totally check it out!

Crunchy Green Mom

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crunchy Green Lovin' Mom's Birthday Bash!

So one of my favorite people is having a birthday today. And to celebrate, she has put together a huge blog giveaway! Check it out! It starts today and goes until the 17th!

Crunchy Green Mom

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Roar vs. Meow

My 9 month old son, Grady, has learned to ROAR like a lion. For whatever reason, he loves the L block. This morning he started Roaring at our cat, Sheba. It kinda scared her a little bit. I guess the next block we are going to learn is C for Cat...Meow....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daddy and Baby

My son, Grady, always has his "Cranky Time" right around dinner. The only thing that will calm him down is picking him up. My husband, Dan, is the cook in the family. He found a way to make Grady happy when making dinner. Teach him how to cook!

They are the cutest!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Top 10

Lilith over at Crunchy Green Lovin' Mom posted this blog and I thought it looked so cute! Below is where she found the blog idea and why she likes their blog:

" One of my favorite blogs to hit daily is Marriage Actually, it is a blog shared by Marye and Marc Audet and they are honest. Honest, kind and very good writers. They seem to have issues we all have, and learn how to deal with them.. together."

After reading Lilith's Top 10 on her boyfriend, Dave, I decided I wanted to do one on my wonderful husband, Dan. It is Valentine's Day!

1.) He has the most amazing blue eyes!
2.) After 3 years I still get butterflies in my stomach when I am about to see him!
3.) He is a smart cookie.
4.) His hugs are the best thing in the world! Nothing can hurt me when I am in his arms.
5.) He has an awesome memory! I hate it when we argue and he remembers things I don't, but besides that I truly love it!
6.) He makes Grady giggle in a way that no one can!
7.) He is my sugar daddy! ( Had to put a silly one!)
8.) He is just as much of a shopaholic as I am.
9.) He gets me. I do not know why or how, he just does.
10.) He can usually be my yin to my yang... and me to his.

Happy Valentine's Day! I am going to go and spend the day with my boys!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still Learning

So I am still learning how this blog thing works. To be honest, I did not do my blog, Lilith did. She did a wonderful job!!! But how do I add buttons? Where? What are tweets? I need help!

I am currently doing the Bloggy Giveaways and to get extra entries you can add another persons blog button to yours or a link. I was going to do that, but where do I put it? Does it matter?

So here is where I will put the button until I know where a better place is!

Deal Seeking Mom

Now I can get my extra entry!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bloggy Giveaways!

It is that time! Time for the Bloggy Giveaways!

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

I promised Suzi that I would be on the ball this time around. Last Bloggy Giveaway, I found out a couple of days after it started and it was when I first started blogging. I haven't gotten much farther, but at least I have blogs up!

Do check this out! It is a lot of fun!
Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weight Lose

I am trying to lose weight, as every woman does after having a baby. I have read that it is perfectly ok for me to look 6 months pregnant still. Well, maybe, but I feel so uncomfortable.
I hate going out in public unless I have my son with me. I do not want people to think I am just plain fat or still pregnant.
I am now trying to diet, which never works, and work out as much as I can, with what I have.

Lilith over at at Crunchy Green Lovin' Mom is also working out and dieting. Being in a similar boat I am. She also has little ones! (By the way they are way too cute!)
Here is a question that she has thrown out there in relation to all of this:

How did your week go? What favorite exercise did you learn?

My week was way crazy. I have been watching Lilith's 2 youngest daughters, ages 1 and 2, plus my 6 month old son. They keep me on my toes! Plus having a husband and other obligations, I have been running around very sleep deprived.
My favorite exercise that I have made up is I like to put my son on my belly while I am laying in a crunch position and I lift my pelvis up off the ground over and over again. He giggles because it bounces him and I get a work out. I also put him on my legs (stomach on shins) and in a crunch position, with my head off the ground, I lift my legs to a 90 degree angle. Now my son is 25lbs. and it does make for a very hard workout. I have to watch myself. But this keeps him entertained and I get exercise. Plus, I run up and down the stairs all day long!

Grady's First Tooth

So yesterday, Grady cut his first tooth! And he has a second one that will be making an appearance in about a week or so. I can not believe that my son has a tooth! Its hard for me to imagine that he is at that stage already! He is so much pain. He has been up all night for the past 2 nights. Daddy and I are really tired! And on top of it, he has his first cold. It's not a bad one, just enough to make him snotty and cough.
I bought those dissolving teething pills that several people have recommended and he likes them. I was afraid that he would chock on them, but the dissolve pretty quickly. And we also do the whiskey on the gums, even though everyone says not to. People have been doing it for generations. Seriously? Its not like I am giving him a full shot of Jack. I put a very little on my finger and put it on his gums.
Once the tooth is more visible, I will put up a picture.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Grady's 6th Month Check Up

So my child is HUGE!!! Today is his 6th month birthday! And he had his 6th month check up. He is 24lbs 7 oz, 28.25 in long! Big boy! And everyone in the doctors office, including the patients, were going nuts over him! "Oh he is so cute!" "What a Stud!" "He is so Happy!" He is going to have a Grady Cult by the time he is a year old!

Also, Happy Birthday LaLa! One year old today! Shes soooo cute!