Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weight Lose

I am trying to lose weight, as every woman does after having a baby. I have read that it is perfectly ok for me to look 6 months pregnant still. Well, maybe, but I feel so uncomfortable.
I hate going out in public unless I have my son with me. I do not want people to think I am just plain fat or still pregnant.
I am now trying to diet, which never works, and work out as much as I can, with what I have.

Lilith over at at Crunchy Green Lovin' Mom is also working out and dieting. Being in a similar boat I am. She also has little ones! (By the way they are way too cute!)
Here is a question that she has thrown out there in relation to all of this:

How did your week go? What favorite exercise did you learn?

My week was way crazy. I have been watching Lilith's 2 youngest daughters, ages 1 and 2, plus my 6 month old son. They keep me on my toes! Plus having a husband and other obligations, I have been running around very sleep deprived.
My favorite exercise that I have made up is I like to put my son on my belly while I am laying in a crunch position and I lift my pelvis up off the ground over and over again. He giggles because it bounces him and I get a work out. I also put him on my legs (stomach on shins) and in a crunch position, with my head off the ground, I lift my legs to a 90 degree angle. Now my son is 25lbs. and it does make for a very hard workout. I have to watch myself. But this keeps him entertained and I get exercise. Plus, I run up and down the stairs all day long!

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Lilith Silvermane said...


I'm here!

Ok.. my favorite workouts.... cardio dance. I love the dance routines, helps me learn some new dancing steps and workout with the kids and I.

I lost 4.9 pounds last week.. YIPPEEE.. however I think a lot of that is water weight (and the fact that I drink so much water I've drowned my tummy) :)

I'm proud of you for using Grady to work out... it helps a ton :)