Thursday, October 21, 2010

All About Me in 30 Days - Day FIVE: FAVORITE QUOTE

You have different types of quotes. You have silly ones, funny ones, serious ones, ones that you need a translator for, and all in between. Quotes from movies, music, president, friend, grandparent or even yourself.

My FAVORITE QUOTE is both a silly one and an important one. The way it is worded is the silly part and the message is the important part.

Have you ever seen the movie OUT COLD?

It is a great and funny movie! It is one of those that you know all the words too. If it is your first time watching or your 139 th time, you still laugh until your sides hurt and fall on the floor crying!

"No regrets. Thats my motto. That, and everybody whang chung tonight."

I totally agree! NO REGRETS! And the whole Wang Chung Tonight is just funny as hell!

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