Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All About Me In 30 Days - Day ONE: Favorite Song

Ugh! For anyone that knows me, this is a VERY difficult question to answer! I listen to EVERYTHING! I have favorite songs in different genera, for different eras! I LOVE Metal and Rock. I love country, 80s, disco, classical, and everything in between!

I decided on a song that has become one of my favorite songs as of the past couple years. Nikki Sixx from the band, Motley Crue, did a great album with two other great musicians. The album is the soundtrack to his book The Heroin Diaries.
This song is such a wonderful song about life, ups and downs, learning and everything in between!! Enjoy! Sixx A.M. Life is Beautiful

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Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne B. said...

Awesome! I went off and read the lyrics... very fitting song!

Thanks for joining in!