Sunday, June 17, 2012

JUST ADD WATER Exhibit at The Children's Museum


My little family of four had the pleasure of experiencing the new exhibit at The Children's Museum - JUST ADD WATER! Guess what it is about!? Yep! WATER!
Now its not a water park or spray park. But you will get wet! And it is outside.  

In the above picture, my husband and son are pumping water through tubes and sending it to different parts of the ... creation is the best way I can describe it!  

Here you pump up pressure.  When you are done, you release it and water pushes through the pipe and sends the ball flying! 2nd biggest "Get Wet" part of the exhibit on The Baker Family Scale.

Grady releasing the pressure and sending the ball flying!

This is the #1 "Get Wet!"  on The Baker Family Scale! 
Here there are 3 things you can do. 1.) send the ball down the pipe and send it into the air via water. 2.) send the ball down a vortex and out a pipe. 3.) The ball sits on top the water "fountain" that also "smokes".

                                                    Vortex Tub                   Water "Fountain"

                                     Ball going down the vortex             Sending the ball sky high!

Can you guess what Bubba's favorite exhibit was?

The JUST ADD WATER exhibit is a great addition for the summer!  Go check it out and all the great exhibits inside!  And you could use this coupon!

You need directions or any information, go to The Children's Museum website 

Also, go check out to find more great deals!

(All pictures were taken by me.  Any use without my permission is not prohibited!)

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