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Floriography is The Language of Flowers. A discreet form of communication, particularly used in Victorian times, Floriography has been around for past generations with religious and symbolic meanings, continuing on to this day. A bunch of flowers wrapped in a lace doily and tied with ribbon, also called a Tussie-Mussie, reads like a poem and/or secret message.

Welcome back to FLORIOGRAPHY FRIDAY, here at Gretel's Modern Day Fairy Tale! This week is the GERANIUM!

So GERANIUMS are a little weird when it comes to their botanical name.  GERANIUM is NOT their botanical name.  It  is their common name.  Their botanical name is Pelargonium.  The plant with the botanical name Geranium is a whole different plant then the GERANIUM we know and love! So when going to the nursery to pick up some of these beautiful flowers, make sure you have the correct ones!

GERANIUMS are an annual, unless you live in a hot climate.  Here in the Rocky Mountain region, they are an annual, but are great at coming inside over winter.
This full sun loving flower needs part shade in those hot climates. GERANIUMS are a great plant for beginners! They are also great for the middle of the garden beds, boarders, and most containers. GERANIUMS need soil that drains well.  But they can live off of little water and fertilizing.  Just give them enough water so they do not wilt. 

GERANIUMS will grow from 6 inches to a couple feet or more! Each variety is different.  GERANIUMS respond well to pinching.  By pinching, you can get a bushier plant. Make sure to deadhead the blooms that have expired.   This promotes a healthier plant and more blooms.  
GERANIUMS are great for root cuttings.  Here are some tips to help get you started:
  • Use cuttings from the tips of the stems 
  • Insert in moistened vermiculite or perlite
  •  Cover with plastic bag to create mini green house effect (will root more quickly)
When it comes to getting your GERANIUMS ready to come inside for the winter, start in September. 
  •              Cut back leggy stems
  •        Dig plants up and pot in a quality potting mix
  •               Add teaspoon slow release granular fertilizer mix into soil
  •        Water well
  •               Place in bright light encourage healthy stems/foliage   (If a sunny window or greenhouse is unavailable, place under artificial light)

Here are some pests to keep an eye out for:
  •            Geranium budworm: loves geraniums, nicotiana, ageratum, and petunias. Small caterpillars, bore into flower buds and eat flower before it opens or feed on open blooms, which results in no flowers, only leaves.  They leave small holes in blossoms or tiny black droppings.  May also see worm on flower
  •       Aphids, spider mites and white flies

Geranium Budworm

Lets get started on some FLORIOGRAPHY!  When researching, I have found you need to look in multiple places to find definitions of flowers.  Most of the places you look will be the same meaning, but depending on the era, religion, or preference I guess, you can get some different meanings. Also, depends on the color or variety.  I like to go with the majority.  
GERANIUM means Gentility, Comfort, True Friend. 
GERANIUMS are a great starter to put in the middle of your Tussie-Mussie!  Then build around with smaller flowers.

Geranium from my garden

The magickal properties of this beautiful flower are Fertility, Health, Love and Protection. Happiness and Renewed Joy.  GERANIUMS are female in gender,  elemental sign is Water, and their ruling planet is Venus.  Hmmmm... This flower speaks LOVE!   
The magickal uses for the GERANIUM are:
o   All types are protective when grown in garden or fresh cut and placed in water in home
o   Protects against snakes:
          Snakes will not go
          Where geraniums grow
o   Banks and pots of red geraniums are quite protective and strengthens health
o   Pink geraniums are used in love spells
o   White geraniums increase fertility

Next weeks flower is going to be a surprise!

(I found the top two pictures on google images.  The bottom one is my picture)

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