Saturday, June 30, 2012


Floriography is The Language of Flowers. A discreet form of communication, particularly used in Victorian times, Floriography has been around for past generations with religious and symbolic meanings, continuing on to this day. A bunch of flowers wrapped in a lace doily and tied with ribbon, also called a Tussie-Mussie, reads like a poem and/or secret message.

ALYSSUM are one of my favorite flowers to grow in the garden!  I love the color, their look, and they are pretty easy to grow.

 ALYSSUM has a great fragrance. They are favored in all sun loving gardens. Growing under 8 inches tall, ALYSSUM are considered part of the "short" group of flowers, fitting great in the front of beds, borders, spilling over containers, between stepping stone and filling in where the larger plants can't! 

ALYSSUM comes in pure white, rosy lavender, and multi colored.  Bloom season is from spring to frost and bloom best during the cooler weather.  ALYSSUM is an annual unless in a mild climate and in some favorable conditions, my reseed itself.  In the spring when the ground has  warmed up just a bit, you can sow the seeds directly into the ground or you can start seeds inside and transplant in May.  

ALYSSUM attract bees, birds and butterflies. Drought tolerant, ALYSSUM is a great addition to your xieroscape garden. ALYSSUM is somewhat resistant to insects and disease. NICE!

ALYSSUM is actually VERY hard to find a floriographic definition. I have found it in one place.  ALYSSUM means worth beyond beauty!  WOW!  NICE!

ALYSSUM is used in magick to expel charms and break manipulative spells.  Also added in faery gardens to attract faeries.

Ok so not as exciting as some, but ALYSSUM is beautiful in my eyes!

(All images were found on google images.)

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