Monday, November 1, 2010

All About Me In 30 Days - Day Fourteen: A Non-Fictional Book

About a year ago, I started reading this book that I had bought YEARS ago. It was about gardening. And until a couple years ago, I did not have any way of having a garden. But I held onto the book anyways.

Garden Witchery: Magick from the Ground Up by Ellen Dugan is a wonderful book. I have blogged about the book before! I love Ellen Dugan's work. I actually have almost all of her books now. I bought them for my birthday and have just started to read them.

This is a pagan book. But I do believe that a non pagan would enjoy this book as well. It is a wonderful book about how to create Magick from your Garden, great gardening advise, and gardening lore. And it also has great craft ideas too. Ellen Dugan writes like she is sitting in the room with you talking. Like she is one of your friends.

I give her TWO thumbs up only because I do not have more thumbs!

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