Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All About Me in 30 Days - Day FIFTEEN: My Dream House

My dream house would be set in the middle of at least one acre of land. I would LOVE to have at least 50 acres, but oh well. It would be big enough for my growing family and to have lots of company over for the holidays and birthdays and Iron Chefs.
Each kid would have their own room. There would be a guest room. Dan would have his "Music Room". I would have my "Sewing/Craft Room". We would have a library! A play room for the kids. A formal dining room. And an over sized 3 car garage.
A HUGE yard! A garden! An orchard! A workshop for Dan to make things. A shed for my gardening! A HUGE covered porch! And a HUGE covered patio in the back. A fire pit to sit around year around!
Here is the closest floor plans I have been able to find to what I want.

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