Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trick or Treat Street Review

Every year, our little family has the most fun doing fall and Halloween type things in October! This year, we checked out TRICK OR TREAT STREET at THE CHILDREN'S MUSEUM.

Theses two little goblins are my little ones!  Bubba as Iron Man!  Dani as a Lady Bug!

The cool part about Trick Or Treat Street is that you can still play around with the regular attractions at the Museum!
The Mad Monster Lab was decked out with doctor/hospital lab type of toys and plenty of "monsters" to work on!

Dani playing with the x-rays and Bubba working on a monster

  Bubba and Daddy playing with science!

Through out the whole event were booths for Trick or Treating!  Each booth is sponsored by different businesses.  Everything from candy to tooth brushes were handed out to children.

The kids playing on the dance floor. Once you step onto the floor, "bubbles" appear and go wherever you go!
The kids also got to do Halloween type crafts!  Here they are making Ghost Lanterns.

 Which Daddy got to do instead!  Life of a parent!

Outside, there is a really cool Harry Potter display!

 Three Orange Doods are a roaming performance.  Below they are playing drums and letting the kids play as well.  At one point, one came up to Bubba and took his mask, then put it on!  

We had a great time at Trick or Treat Street!  There is plenty of things to keep the little ones occupied!  More than I have listed.  The only problem we had was keeping the two kids happy.  The 4 year old wanted to do EVERYTHING!  And the 18 month old wanted to keep going.  Good thing there was two of us!

Want to go?  HURRY! Trick or Treat Street is just for ONE WEEKEND!  October 26th-28th!

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