Monday, October 15, 2012

The Colors of Early Fall

It is early fall here in Colorado.  Which means winter could show up any day now.  Crazy Colorado weather!  

Last week I was able to get some pictures of the yard and some of the changing colors.

Petunias and a type of Mum... 
Both are going STRONG!  The type of Mum started to die out until the weather became cooler.  

This is my front yard.  After the horrible heat of the summer, the drought and water restrictions... OH and the  neighborhood rabbits, our grass looked REALLY bad!  
After aerating, seeding, fertilizing and watering,  MAN!  It is looking good!

Our Lilac and Forsythia in the back yard.  
You can see there is more color change in the forsythia than the lilac.  

My roses are starting to "grow" these different colored leaves.  Not sure what these are about.  Maybe this is how they "change" color in the fall.  Sorry... first time rose bush owner.

This is just a fun picture of our pearl bushes in the front.  I put bat garland around them for Halloween!

More pictures to come once more things start turning different colors!

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