Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Grateful Senses

"Researchers have found that focusing on what we're thankful for can increase our sense of well-being and happiness.  And, the benefits may go beyond our emotional health.  For example, people who make a habit of writing down what they're grateful for report fewer physical complaints than others."

The article that I read that gave me this great idea suggests that you keep a gratitude journal- hand written, on computer, or smart phone.  Whatever works for you!  Another suggestion was to use your 5 senses to guide you.  To find an example of something you are grateful for using each sense.  

          - Sight: Watching my 4 year old son practice writing his name
          - Smell: A clean bathroom (smells like bleach)
          - Touch: soft sheets on my bed (nap time?)
          - Taste: water and water and water!  Water is good!
          - Hear: The hum of the A/C, staying nice and cool on a hot summer day

What are you grateful for?  

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