Friday, March 5, 2010

Part One of Before Pictures

This past week as been BEAUTIFUL in Colorado! It is spring weather. But unfortunately, March is our snowiest month and I do not plan on the nice weather lasting much longer. So, while the snow is melted and the temperature is up and sun shinning, I decided to take my "Before" pictures of my yard.

Now, I am starting with my front yard. My front yard is the easiest out of the two. Mainly because I live in a patio home and the HOA is suppose to have a landscaping company come out and take care of the "common grounds". Us, the home owners, are in charge of our own backyards. The landscaping company makes sure the grass looks good and the trees and most bushes are trimmed. That is it. Some of us home owners have taken it upon ourselves to fix up our rock beds and such.

Last fall I started moving the rocks from my back yard into my front yard rock beds. Before I started doing this, our rock beds were dirt beds with 5 rocks holding hands. Now, one side looks like a half done rock bed, thanks to me:)

As long as the weather stays nice, I do plan on filling my rock beds next week. I will need to pick up the trash and pull the weeds first. And eventually, I would like to put a couple planters out there. Maybe a wind chime.

This use to be a really nice "stepping stone" with moons and stars on it. As you can see, someone stepped on it. I got it at the Dollar Store.

All pictures were taken by me.

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