Monday, September 3, 2012

A Taste Of Colorado 2012 Review

I have been going to A Taste Of Colorado since I was a tween.  Every year on Labor Day Weekend, Downtown Denver's Civic Center Park and surrounding area is taken over by booths filled with vendors, food, art, crafts, and everything else that is part of Colorado.  Stages are scattered all over the area with all kinds of different genres of live music and demonstrations.   Rides and carnival games line Colfax and Broadway.  

There is truly something for everyone of all ages and types.  

I remember as a tween going to A Taste of Colorado at night and seeing all the games and rides lit up!  As a parent, I watched the excitement appear on my 4 year old sons  face when we told him he could have ice cream for lunch!  And the "OH!" that came out of my 1 year old daughters mouth when she saw the Carousel.

This wonderful event is called A Taste of Colorado for a reason.  There are so many different restaurants and catering companies lined up and down the streets of Downtown Denver.  To taste the wonderful Colorado based food in one place is an awesome thing to experience, ages young and old!

We started off trying samples of XING TEA at the companies tasting booth.  My family is a HUGE fan of XING TEA, so to try some of their new beverages and some that we had not seen in the store was a HUGE treat!  They have new juices out as well as their wide selection of flavored teas.  My favorite is the Raspberry Tea with Honey.  My husband likes the Half and Half (Half Lemonade, Half Tea).  I think we drank our weight in XING TEA while we were there!

Next, we stopped off at the Bryers Ice Cream booth so my son could try the Cookies and Cream Ice Cream... FOR LUNCH!  He loved it!

Our next food adventure was my husbands choice.  Stopped by the Monster Grill Booth.  There, my hubby enjoyed their version of the Philly Cheese Steak. The MONSTER PHILLY CHEESE STEAK SANDWICH!

*NOTE: I was unable to find a website for Monster Grill.  If you happen to find it, please contact me so I can set up the link.  Thanks!*

Next... My turn!  I ALWAYS have Bayou Bob's Fried Gator Tail!  EVERY YEAR!  It tastes like a chicken and a cat fish had a love child.  And it is so good!

A Taste of Colorado is about food... come on!  So we ate ALL DAY!  
The next thing we tried was PIZZA!
Hands down, Grammy's Goodies has THE BEST PIZZA EVER!  Great fresh ingredients and there is plenty to eat!  This is ONE SLICE!

My handsome husband with his big ol' slice of pizza!

We ended the day with dessert!  My 4 year old heard CUPCAKES and had to have one.  
Gigi's Cupcakes has a GREAT and ORIGINAL selection of cupcakes. 
The one selected by my son was the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcake.

Now lets move on to the vendors!
At A Taste Of Colorado, there is EVERYTHING!  Family owned food vendors, art of all kinds, clothing, you name it... I think it was there!
I chose to share some of my favorites based on my tastes!

BTS Chocolate.  BTS= Better Than Sex. 
 And from the looks and sounds coming from my husband, this chocolate is!
A WIDE variety of different tastes and flavors, this Dark Chocolate is mixed with either Honey or Agave.  And flavors range from RazzGasm to Chocolate Espresso and MUCH MUCH MORE!
And the owners are way cool!

There were three artist that I found amazing and different!  All I wanted to do is remodel my home and put their artwork EVERYWHERE!

Weird Chief Pictures is just amazing.  I saw the booth and was drawn to it!  Different and raw!

And Kevin Eslinger Art Gallery!  Creepy and just AWESOME!  

A Frog on the Wall has some BEAUTIFUL works of art!  Place it outside in the garden or inside your home!  


                                                              This one is my favorite!

*NOTE: A Frog On The Wall's website is currently under construction.  Once it is up and running I will remove this note and add the link!*

Little Adam and Eve has AWESOME Baby Clothes!  They are fresh and different and fun!
I can not wait to get my daughter all decked out in some fun outfits!

Last but not least.... The rides and games!

2012 has been a very hard year thus far for Colorado.  Having such an amazing event to honor the different aspects that make up Colorado and it's people is a great way to remind everyone why we live here and why we love Colorado!  My only complaint about A Taste of Colorado was the weather.  90+ degree weather makes for a sunburned and cranky Gretel.  BUT I will take that complaint up with Mother Nature!  
Thank you to EVERYONE who made A Taste of Colorado a wonderful success!!! And see you next year!
Make sure to check out the vendors mentioned above. I truly believe you will not be disappointed! 

** This review is my opinion and mine alone!  I was not paid by anyone that is mentioned in this review.  **
***Any pictures in this review were taken by me.  Any use without my permission is prohibited.  So please ask!***

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