Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Change in Life

I have been neglecting my blog for several weeks. I am sorry blog. And to my 3 followers. Life has taken a turn, for the best hopefully!

Due to personal reasons, I will not be remodeling my back yard. I will be working on a whole different one. We are moving. We do not know when, but in the next several months. If we get this one house we have looked at, I will be VERY busy when it comes to gardening and overall out door maintenance. But there is another house that has a wonderful yard and I would just have to keep it up. Once I know something, I will let ya know.
But.....I have a wonderful front yard and back yard project that I am currently working on with my Mom.

My grandmother has a big yard and several years ago she spent $15,000 to have it re done. Being that my grandmother is over 80 years in age, she has not been able to keep up with it. Us kids and grandkids try to do our best to help. Now that my mom is only working one job, we have permission from Grandma to work on her yard.

Every Mother's Day, we buy my grandmother flowers for her garden and we plant them and do the spring time clean up of the yard and put out her garden gnomes and such. This year we will be doing that, but we have other things in mind as well. Planters, rocks, grass... And she also wants us to help keep up on things.
So, until I have a new yard to work on, and even after, I will have my grandmother's gardens to work on.

One of my Grandmother's favorite garden statues. They sit near her Bleeding Hearts.

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