Monday, February 4, 2013

Spring Fever

Anyone who knows Colorado weather, knows that it is unpredictable.  

Lately, it has been in the upper 40s to lower 70s during the day and teens to 30s in the evening.  And then it will snow for two days and then go back to the beautiful spring temps.  Does Colorado know it is STILL winter?  

I decided this morning that this kind of weather has caused my Spring Fever to hit early!  

It takes everything I have not to put all the really warm, winter clothes away.  Because everyone knows that winter is not truly over in Colorado until April.  I want to start planting seeds for the garden.  I want to turn off the heat and open windows!  I WANT TO WEAR FLIP FLOPS!

One thing I can start doing (and have) is the big spring cleaning.  Would it be called Pre-Spring Cleaning?

Dan and I worked on the garage and got it cleaned up from the holidays.  I pulled all our old documents and shredded them. (3 very full trash bags of shredded paper).  Hmmm... What else can I start doing.....

How about you guys out there reading my blog? Spring Fever yet?

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