Monday, December 15, 2008

About Me...

I am Gretchen! This is obviously my first blog. My best friend, Suzanne, has been trying to get me into blogging for at least a year. She went so far to put this page together for me. The least I can do is put something on here! My New Years resolution is going to actually be to start blogging.
So....a little about me. I live in Aurora, Colorado. I am a 27 year old stay at home mom. In a previous life I was a bartender and I miss it sometimes. Just the making of drinks and the business, not the drunk people! My husband, Dan, is a wonderful man. He is an awesome father. Our son, Grady, is currently 5 months old. He is, what Dan calls, a Baby Huey. He already weighs 25 lbs! He is such a happy baby. Hes silly and stubborn. I have a cat named Sheba. She is approximately 10 years old. Shes a beautiful black cat with a little white on her chest and has yellow eyes. She is the Queen of the House! I am very close to my family. And I was blessed with awesome in-laws. The only downfall is that they live in Florida.
I follow the pagan path and to be more exact, the Celtic Path. A good portion of my linage is from Europe and the British Isles, it only felt natural to me. I am very open minded. I don't care if you follow a different path then I do. Its your path. Do not judge me and I wont judge you!
I love music. I am a metal head from birth! Love my metal! But I listen to everything! Well....almost everything! I love nature. Going camping is one of my favorite things to do. I love to hike. I love the rain and fall time. Do not really care for snow. Go figure...I live in Colorado and don't like snow! I was born here and probably will not move anywhere else.
Well....I think that is a good start. I may not post another blog until after the first of the new year. But who knows! Another one may pop up before then!


Lilith Silvermane said...

Welcome to my OTHER world G-bear! Glad to have you on board! I'm adding you to my blog roll now :)

Steffi Latta said...

Welcome! Now that I'm home, I can start posting again. Thanks so much for coming to see me at the hospital :-)